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Pearson Chambers

Pearson Chambers is painter, educator and project manager born in Sacramento,California, raised in Dallas, Texas and based in Baltimore, Maryland. His practice falls into two forms of making that center on the theme of commencement, creating  representational figure paintings and imitation collages of the same works. He is an alum of Maryland Institute College of Art Bachelors of Fine Arts : Painting Program ; with an additional pursuit of his Masters Professional Studies in the Business of Art and Design at MICA, 2023, Masters in Arts Education at Towson University 2024.


Pearson’s paintings center on the theme of commencement. Borrowing from 1940’s and 1950’s New York’s school of thought, he depicts the figure using intuitive marks , consumed in color fields to present his emotional  growth throughout childhood, teens and early 20’s. Each representational painting serves a celebration of emotional vulnerability and increased emotional awareness giving him the roadmap for his 20’s , 30’s and 40’s ( hopefully). His works are therapeutic, offering deeper perspective to  what memories informed his identity as a black cisgendered African American man, and the compounded traumas attached to that beautiful perspective .


His imitation collages go beyond prints. Pearson uses digital techniques to continue his emotional growth and journey of introspection. Informed by the generational exposure to the internet these collages are based on Ubuntu beliefs, and rely on culturally relevant images as visual material to articulate his more chaotic emotions. 


Pearson’s work has been exhibited at the African American Museum, Dallas, Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago and Jubilee Arts, Baltimore Maryland.

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